"Shall we begin, Should I start like David Copper field I was born I grew up, no really that not were the story is .I shall start when I was reborn into darkness."-Louis, anne rice.


Either he talking about photographers or vampires, when I was little I was terrified of the dark, and quite honestly not until my high school years I wasn't comfortable sleeping without some kind of light coming from somewhere. However as I am writing this on my laptop I am waiting for a print come out of the color processor at my school, and the color darkroom that is attached to it is completely pitch black, and only occasionally do I get spooked in there. It is rather funny I think that I was crazy about photography as a child but probably would have freaked out in a darkroom.

I started my photo interest seriously in high school when I enrolled in photo 1. To be honestly I was just looking for an excuse to use my dad slr which I was not allowed to touch. My high school had 8 enlarges to 25-20 students. It was very completive to make sure your table got time in the darkroom. My high school had 3 levels of photo, 1 & 2 where each a semester and 3 was an entire year. When I started photo 3, I was also a teacherís assistant in a photo 1 class.

After high school I enrolled in Pensacola Junior College photo program, (or formally known as the Anna Lamar Switzer College for the Arts.) So far my experience at that school has been my favorite. I spent three years at that school, and that is where I met my boyfriend Chris Christian, future husband and traveling companion, in color class. It was a complete fluke that I was even in the class since I didn't have the required, but since I had been working a retail color lab my teacher let me stay. Since my beginning in photo I have learn a lot, some time it a bit over whelming.

Currently in my life I am a bachelor student at Florida A & M, surprising enough the photo school here is actually better then FSU for technical information and teaching. I hope to be going to a master school after this so that I can teach also. I would also like to move out west I quite sick of the humid south. I have been here all my life and have always enjoyed going west when we went to visit relatives.

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