Ramify (ram’e.fi) v.t. & v.i. To divide or spread out into or as into branches

M.R.E. as multiple meaning: Meals ready to eat or My Ramify Experience.

M.R.E. has multiple meaning than what I have stated in the title, and M.R.E.s was what my fellow photographer, Chris Christian, and I survived on this trip. I was trying to find a title that would link with something that occurred though out our trip, and then it hit me M.R.E.s. I plan to show our trip thought the states we went though, not necessary in order, I may do that alphabetically or in some other style. If I have any information on the photo, like a back story with the people or objects that will be included with the image.

This was the first photo taken in our trip in pensacola , fl.

And yes Chris and I did lived on mostly MRE's, the only time we were

not eating them was when someone else was providing the food, or

we where in Las Vegas (Which at times I would have trade

their food for a MRE.)

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