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We were actually hoping to pitch a tent before dark when we entered into Utah. We decided to try and find a space at Zion National park We drove through the park with is windy curves and hair pen turns. It was beautiful, but we couldn't stop the light was almost gone, and we need to find a place pitch tent. Unfortunately after looking through the park, and asking the person who was in charge of the campgrounds"there were no rooms in the inn." However he did tell us to go through town and at about mile marker 23-24 there is a place where you can stay for free, the only thing is it completely primitive, or in other words just a no bathrooms. This road goes back into the back of this area. We stayed in the front, for two reasons: 1 car did not ave 4 wheel drive, 2 we could not see the road at night.

M.R.E in Utah